Unlimited Shelf Spots & Author Spotlight



How about the works? Don’t just post your published art. You deserve to be featured, too! This 2-in-1 service includes:

  • Unlimited and permanent shelf spots in the LTA library (Every time you release something new, simply contact us and we’ll add it to our library free of charge).
  • An exclusive email sent out containing your masterpiece, its synopsis, and a link directing readers to where it can be purchased. Also included will be a picture of you, your bio, and a link to your website or author page.
  • A complimentary email sent out every time you have a new release. The email will be generated after your newest work is added to the LTA library.
  • A personalized post about you and your work on LTA’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Complimentary posts will be made upon your new release(s).


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