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The soul… What a tricky ball of indescribable matter it is. It’s responsible for our meaningful traits, giving us depth, talent, and pizazz. It pretty much defines who we are; but what if I told you that your soul is not your own? That it’s been orbiting the Universe since the beginning of time, trying on different skins like outfits? What if you aren’t who you think you are at all? Instead, you’re simply a residue of your past self? What if?

Megan is young, smart, and she has her whole life ahead of her. Her boyfriend, Darren, is athletic and handsome, but his temper is borderline intolerable. What should she do when his aggressive behavior trickles down from the basketball court to their budding romance? Is Meg strong enough to stand up for herself, or will her new neighbor that seems to appear out of the blue be the unofficial guardian angel she needs?

Britney loves her husband. He’s kind, sweet, and an upstanding citizen. He usually does everything with a moral compass, except for that one time when he killed a group of people. That was simply a stability slip. He pled insanity and served his time in a mental institution. He’s better now, though. He’s been rehabilitated… right?