What If… A lubricious collection of titillating fantasies driven by everyday possibilities

LIFE… How uneventfully redundant. Cook. Clean. Work. School. Rear children. Help others. Repeat. But what if life didn’t have to be a bland and off-key elevator song on replay? What if every activity you deemed “regular” was spiced up with massive helpings of unbelievable pleasure? What if that doctor you dreaded seeing, or that business meeting you hated sitting through at work were actually opportunities for you to live out your wildest erotic fantasies? What if? In this opus of pleasure, you’ll discover a plethora of scenarios described in juicy detail that people can only dream about. Hedonism is the theme, and erogenous skies are the limit. You’ll never look at your mailman the same after this…

His High-ness

Cleopatra is big, bold & beautiful…

Both mentally and physically. She’s also single, but that’s a story for a different day. Right now, she’s concentrating on her bag.


Her best friend, Pedra, hooks her up with a job that could potentially be the career of a lifetime. The only problem is, she must get along with the A-hole of the century, which happens to be her new boss, Mr. Bradshaw. Let’s just say that things could have definitely started off a little better between the two of them…

But you know what they say…

It’s a thin line between love and hate.

Unfortunately, their complicated emotional rollercoaster is the least of their worries. There are a million reasons why business and pleasure never mix, and the dramatic hot messes these co-workers find themselves in are great examples of why.

Club Liquor: Liyan (Book I)

To the naked eye, Club Liquor is an average bar with decent drinks, beautiful people and a bomb DJ; but on Wednesday nights, the back door opens, and an entirely different party begins.
Liyan knows a lot about business and how to please women. In his mind, pleasure equals dollars and so far, he’s right. He treats women like investments and nothing more. However, that choice may finally blow-up in his face. Nothing is as it seems at Club Liquor.