We Know We Can Be What We Want to Be Because of You

Black History is more than the month of February, it’s a year-round celebration.

It’s Show-and-Tell Day at LTA Academy!
Everyone is super excited.
The students are bringing photos of their favorite African-American trailblazers to talk about in class.
They can’t wait to share their heroes with their friends.

We’ve Been Good, Santa!

Dear Santa,

Before you ready your sleigh, pack up our gifts and head our way, I wanted to double check to see if you knew how extra good we worked hard to be.

~Bryson and Prim

My Hair Looks Different Than Yours: A little girl’s love letter to her hair

Alex’s hair is different than yours and it’s different than Sadie’s, too. It’s so different than her mom and dad’s that she doesn’t know what to do! Mia and Shay’s different hair is super thick and strong. They seem to really love their hair even though it doesn’t get very long. Anna decorates her different hair with bows she keeps in a box. In a world full of so much different hair, will Alex learn to love her locs?