My Husband Was a Mass Murderer

Britney loves her husband. He’s kind, sweet, and an upstanding citizen. He usually does everything with a moral compass, except for that one time when he killed a group of people. That was simply a stability slip. He pled insanity and served his time in a mental institution. He’s better now, though. He’s been rehabilitated… right?

Black Queen Affirmations: Self-Love ~ Motivation ~ Healing

Wow, you are beautiful. I hope you feel as good as you look. If you are having a rough day, no worries. This therapeutic journal/ word search/ coloring book has you covered.

The Science Fair Pair

Leslie is smart, awkward, and self-conscious. Marcus is arrogant, athletic and a bully. The only thing Marcus loves more than himself is his ego. The only thing Leslie hates more than public humiliation is Marcus Tate. It’s no secret they don’t get along. That doesn’t stop their science teacher from pairing them together for their biggest assignment of the year. With Leslie’s valedictorian status hanging in the balance, she must play nice with her arch-nemesis long enough to ace their assignment. The task sounds easy enough… What could possibly go wrong?