About Us

Picture credit: Venus Wright Photography

Welcome to the LTA family!

LaTosha The Author LLC (est. 2020) and LTA Publishing (est. 2022) are companies that derived from the mind of LaTosha McCauley. Being an avid reader when she was a teenager, she dreamt of the day she’d see more POC authors on library shelves. It wasn’t until she got older that she realized she had what it took to re-invent the “norm” in the literary world. Her dream slowly became a reality.

The community she built is a place where black and brown movers-and-shakers feel welcome. The theme is black excellence, and the heights are limitless. With the power of their words, there’s no place they can’t go or things they can’t see. It’s time to change the world one letter at a time.

LTA’s mission is to have the biggest POC library in the world. Even though LTA caters to the black and brown communities, all authors with a positive message are welcome. Big-time, small-time, and in between, LTA encourages and uplifts great literature. Everyone has a story to tell, and LTA wants to hear them all.

LTA’s Awards, Accomplishments and Accolades