Adult Novels

Mature readers only.

These novels contain graphic situations that are not suitable for readers under 18. Please be advised.

Book Trailers for Your Viewing Pleasure

Mystery Man: Angel in Disguise (Book 1)
Mystery Man: Birth of an Angel (Book Three)
What If: A Lubricious Collection of Titillating Fantasies Driven by Everday Possibilities
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Mystery Thrillers

Mystery Man: Angel in Disguise (MM Series: Book One)

Mystery Man: Angel of Death (MM Series: Book Two)

Mystery Man: Birth of an Angel (MM Series: Book Three)

Mystery Man: Angel of Mine (MM Series: Book Four)

Mystery Man: Devil of Deceit (MM Series: Book Seven)

Suspenseful Romances

Red Heart: A Heart of Detroit Series

Daddy’s Girl

Forbidden Fruit: If I Were Your Woman

Road to Freedom: Journey to Love


Wicked Chances

Stone’s Revenge

Infinite Possibilities: How many times can a friend hurt you? (Infinite Series: Book One)

Infinite Transgressions: Bad behavior can have long-lasting consequences (Infinite Series: Book Two)

Infinite Beginnings: Starting over again and again may never be enough (Infinite Series: Book Three)

Paranormal Fantasies

Hidden in Darkness (A Seven Realms Book: Book One)

Lost in Fire (A Seven Realms Book: Book Two)

Taboo Love

Pure (MM Series: Book Five) *standalone worthy*

Tainted (MM Series: Book Six) *Sequel to Pure*

Dark Fantasy Romances

Saving Asteroth: Rise of the Fallen

Urban Poetry & Fiction

Suga Daddy

Poetry: Is There Not a Cause?

Sci-Fi Thrillers

Clutch’s Call

Billionaire Romances

Falling for Tormented Treasures (These Twisted Billionaires)

Hot Mess-terpieces

The Devul Bros: Devul “D” (Book One)

Dramatic Romances

His High-ness

A Lie Don’t Care

Family Dramas

You ARE the Father

Hot & Steamy

What If: A Lubricious Collection of Titillating Fantasies Driven by Everyday Possibilities